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At The ARK -Achieving Restoration for Kids

Holistically restoring families of abused children through love and compassion, whilst actively impacting future generations by empowering them with skills for prevention and protection.

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At The Ark - Brave Little Bear

Brave little Bear book series is a resource that equips children, adults, parents, grandparents carers, psychologists and counsellors. (Which can be purchased on our website - or directly through At The Ark)

1 in 5 children will be sexually abused before they turn 18 wouldn't it be good to help to change these stats? On average, sexual abuse begins at 8.5 years so equipping our children before this is safeguarding their future. Brave Little Bear aims to equip our children with the skills required to self-protect.

For every 10 books sold, we will give 1 away to an at-risk family.

Book one - Brave little Bear

This book is a resource to equip 3 to 7-year-olds with self-protective behaviours.

Brave Little Bear was hurt, which made him sick until he told and gave his pain to someone else to worry about.

Brave little Bear helps to teach children what is safe and what is not, and if 'bad' things do happen it gives clear instructions about what to do.

Book two - Brave little Bear - Too Big Not To Share

In this book Brave Little Bear instructs 6-year-olds to pre-teens children on safe touch, 'fear' feelings, online protection, keeping secrets and surprises, code words, body consent, what to do if something 'bad' happens and how precious they are.

Both of these books are a vital tool for those who think that our children are worth fighting for - Family, educators or mental health professionals. These books help to make those uncomfortable conversations much more comfortable.


Book three - Brave Little Bear's Big Letter

In this book Brave Little Bear writes to all 'big safe bear's' explaining why little bears react, act and behave the way they do sometimes.

This valuable resource is for parents, grandparents, carers, educators, counsellors and anyone who has the heart to understand children's behaviours.  It takes on the challenges of abuse, code words, online safety, body consent, keeping secrets and surprise and how to help Brave Little Bears of your own feel loved, valued and accepted.

Mission Statement

Striving to achieve restoration for kids through family unity and support. Showing that through love and compassion there is life after abuse. Restoring our nation one family at a time.

If you would like to contact At The Ark Directly please click the link below. this will take you to their website for more information.

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