Who we are


❤︎ Meet Us ❤︎

Hi Eco Lovers, 

The picture (on the left or above if you are reading on your phone) is me, Hannah. Unlike the photo you can normally find me being the sleep deprived, messy bun wearing, Brissy based, coffee craving, Aussie mum behind the scenes. 

What a mouthful!

First and foremost my role is being a full time mum to my favourite human and daughter Harper (also pictured). Second I am working away on this lifestyle project - Sharing my love of others and our Earth. 

We look forward to working along side you, as together we join the eco movement towards a more sustainable future for our next generation.

With All Our Love,

Hannah and Harper xoxo

Why Join the Eco Movement? and How?

It's pretty simply really - I want to make a difference. 

How? Take a Step.

You don't have to throw everything away and move to the bush, I mean you can if you want to. But I just want to share that making changes are not only realistic - but I have found are actually quite simple and oh so fun (especially DIY). In my heart I believe it is simply a process of learning how to love yourself and others from a holistic approach. The decisions you then make will flow from there.

Going zero waste, and chemical free is not an overnight journey its a lifestyle change. I am still working towards that goal - daily. I will continue to encourage people that it isn't scary to take the first step. 

Imagine if every person took one step, thats 7Billion+ in a positive direction.

What a difference all of us make!

Why Oil Our Love?

I really just wanted to create a space to share the things I love. 

If you read the Home page you will know that Oil Our Love is a play on words for All Our Love (yes I get the poor humour from my wonderful Dad #dadjokes). 

So from the start - I have been a long time essential oil lover and user. Our family has been on a journey to transition our cupboards from harmful chemicals - to making our own cleaning products and cosmetics (multipurpose spray, body wash, lotions etc).

The scary chapter - Being a new mum. It challenges every decision I make. So I want to ensure the products I buy or use not only reflect my love of nature but also I want to know they are safe.

From experience -  It is super hard knowing where to start. Especially when it comes to buying non-harmful products for ourselves and/or our babies. I have spent a lot of time tracking down, buying and personally using what I feel are safe and sustainable products. 

If in doubt - I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to do your own research and make the best decision for your family. Please always seek medical advice from a trained professional if you have any queries regarding your personal health concerns.


Oil Our Love - Is a collections of brands and Zero Waste DIY Kits our family use. Hand in hand with essential oils as a focus throughout.

What better way to empower yourself than to know your products are handmade by you or lovingly tested by a small family business.

What We Do Not Love

Brand shaming, bullying or putting others down is a big no no. We are all about loving and accepting others, no matter where they are on their journey.


We love